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Wastewater Hoses

Sanitation & Wastewater Treatment Hoses

Wastewater, comprises liquid waste discharged by domestic residences, commercial properties, industry, and/or agriculture and can encompass a wide range of potential pollutions and concentrations, and has been negatively affected in quality by human influences on the environment. In the most common usage, it refers to the municipal wastewater that contains a broad array of contaminants resulting from the mixing of wastewater from homes, businesses, industrial areas and often storm drains. Hosexpress offer a vast selection of Irrigation lines, pump hoses, fittings with durability, light-weight flexibility and chemical resistance for all your manufacturing needs.

Types of wastewater discharge & sewage hose products we offer include:

Suction hose Learn More
PVC hose Learn More
Spiral clamps Learn More
Lay flat water discharge Learn More
General duty water discharge Learn More

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