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Stainless Steel Hoses

We carry a complete line of annular stainless steel metal hoses in many different sizes, alloys and configurations. Our lines of metal hoses are ideal for absorbing vibration, misalignment, piping expansion or contraction and equipment motion. Braiding enables use at high pressures and also attenuates vibration. Each annular corrugation is a separate element engineered to impart optimal flexibility for each size of hose that we offer.


  • Ideal as high temperature hoses -320F to 1500F
  • Ideal for high external heat, corrosion, or rough handling
  • Chemical resistant
  • Braided and tubular styles for convince
  • Standard and custom fittings welded for assembly
  • Pressure range up to 5800psi
  • Absorbs heat and pressure
  • Absorbs vibration

Metal Hose Applications

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