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MPD Series

The MPD series is known as “dual hydraulic”. This is a redesigned reel to accommodate all your dual hydraulic applications. This feature has a spring driven retraction at 3,000PSI to 50Ft and hand crank/motorized models at 10,000 PSI to 200ft.

 MPD series offers:

  • Hose I.D.: ¼”-1/2” and pressure to 3,000psi
  • One sided supply/return hook up
  • Swivel seals: TEFLON
  • Dual port full flow swivel

Spring driven features include:

  • Auto rewind easily wraps stores and protects the hose
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel spring, pawl, and zinc plated ratchet
  • 1”solid steel axle with 1” lubricated precision bearings
  • Heavy gauge ¼” steel base and support post
  • Adjustable guide arms for the wall floor and overhead positions

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