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UNAFLEX® “RADI-FLEX” elbow expansion joints are designed to reduce vibration and noise. “RADI-FLEX” elbow expansion joints are excellent for corrosive or abrasive applications when steel pipe will not hold up. Expansion joint construction is of natural rubber tube with polyester reinforcement and synthetic cover. In order to eliminate elongation, it is imperative that the piping at both ends of the elbow be properly anchored.

Common Specs:

  • The maximum operating pressures for standard models is: 1 ½” to 3” 90PSI; 4” to 6” 80PSI; 8”to 10” 70PSI; and 12” to 14” 60PSI.
  • Temperature ranges up to 180 F can be handled
  • It is necessary to specify whether the elbow is to be used for pressure, vacuum, or pressure and vacuum as the construction differs

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