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CKB-Convoluted Kynar Braided

Hosexpress has light-weight CKB-Convoluted Kynar braided hose that is used for conveying chemicals that permeate aggressively, or for harsh atmospheric conditions that require extreme corrosion resistance on the exterior of the assembly. This extra thick braided hose has natural or conductive ”seamless” helical convoluted PTFE liner with Kynar PVDF monofilament heavy gauge wire braids. This hose also rated for both medium pressures and full vacuum applications.

Specifications include:

  • Wide variety of crimp style end fittings in various metallurgies
  • PTFE available with natural or conductive liner
  • Resistant to most chemicals introduced to external surface of the hose through typical usage
  • Open pitch, helical convolutions allow for smooth product flow and easy cleaning
  • Tighter bend radii compared to smooth bore hose styles

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