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Silicone Ducting (MB-SN)

A combination of high quality material and economical price provide a superior high-temperature hose.

Applications include:

  • High temperature air movement
  • General service
  • Garage fume control involving constant flexing.
  1. (Available with or without external wearstrip) Combines the high temperature resistance of silicone and superior flex fatigue resistance of nomex, with an encapsulated reinforcement. It is ideal for use in constant flexing applications or with hose reels. (93MBSNR202.00OX)
  2. The most robust silicone duct available on the market. Combining silicone’s high temperature resistance with the flex fatigue resistance of nomex and a heavy duty wearstrip, this duct is designed for performance. (93MBSNR202.00OB)
  3. An all-around duct for high temperature applications where flexing and moderate scuffing are present. (93MBSNR202.00ON)


Material: Nomex/silicone fiberglass with inner reinforcement.

Construction: hi-temp, bonded wire encapsulated

Sizes: 2” to 24” I.D.

Standard length: 24 ft.

Weight: 6” ID = .9 lbs/ft .

Temperature range: -60°F to +500°F (600°F intermittent).

Compression ratio: 3:1

n.b. This product is suitable for hose reels.

  1. 2 ply reinforced silicone nomex hose
  2. 2 ply reinforced silicone nomex hose with black profile wearstrip
  3. 2ply reinforced silicone nomex hose with 1 ply silicone nomex wearstrip

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