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Industrial Hoses for Sale

Industrial hose is important for many manufacturing plants, chemical plants, and industrial settings in general. In fact, industrial hose & commercial duty hose is utilized across a range of industrial settings including construction, agriculture and manufacturing. At HoseXpress.com we carry a wide range of industrial hoses from only those manufacturers producing the highest quality products. Some types of industrial suction discharge hoses are: high pressure hoses, high temperature hoses, chemical hoses, marine hoses, fuel and water hoses.

For our clients in the construction industry we carry the top brand of industrial hoses, Thermoid, which includes material handling hose as well as concrete, plaster, water, and jetting hoses just to name a few. For use in agricultural settings we also have a variety of hose options. From sanitary and food safe PVC hose to air, chemical, and dock hose, HoseXpress.com is sure to offer the Thermoid product most suitable to your needs. We also stock an excellent selection of marine hose, petroleum hose and essentially any variety of industrial hose.

Perhaps what makes HoseXpress.com such a respected source for industrial & commercial duty hoses is the fact that we also carry a complete catalog of industrial hose accessories with many products from trusted companies such as Thermoid. We are your go-to industrial hose distributor. Whether you're looking for hose reels, clamps, valves, or fittings, our selection of industrial products is among the broadest in our market. We are totally committed to solving all your industrial hose and accessory needs from the top manufacturers in the business.

At HoseXpress.com we have highly trained and experienced staff ready to answer any of your questions. We'll help you choose the best industrial hose products to suit your specific industrial needs and can make recommendations about the accessories we stock. Best of all, we can be reached toll free at (866) 366-7604 for our complete list of industrial hoses for sale.

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