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Typical Applications

Hosexpress has the wide variety of high quality expansion joints available to your industry. Expansion joints help to absorb vibrations and noise as well as protect against startup/surge forces. The typical applications for rubber expansion joints are as follows: Heating/air conditioning and ventilating, Sewage treatment plants, Marine applications, Central power stations, and Industrial applications. Hosexpress is readily available to help answer any of your expansion joint questions for your particular industry types.

Industrial Applications:

UNAFLEX® expansion joints help to compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction in the lines. These expansion joints also reduce the transmission of vibration and noise. Piping installations are important locations for the UNAFLEX® expansion joints in the Industrial industries.

Heating/Air Conditioning and Ventilating:

UNAFLEX® expansion joints are the ideal expansion joints used on the header connections to the condenser. They also are used on the cooler as well as the water circulating lines for both hot and cold water lines. When using UNAFLEX® expansion joints, you will notice how they help release stresses caused by changes in temperature, and how these expansion joint eliminate the transmission of vibrations and noise.

Marine Applications:

UNAFLEX® expansion joints are perfect for marine applications since they insulate the transmission of noise and vibration, as well as eliminating destructive electrolytic actions. These expansion joints are approved by the U.S Navy and U.S. Coast Guard since these expansion joints conform to ABS requirements. Special fire retardant expansion joints are also available that conform to MIL E-15330D.

Central Power Stations:

UNAFLEX® expansion joints are adaptable to a variety of uses in central power plants due to the ease and compactness to allow all types of movements. Most applications include connections to air ejector, auxiliary exhaust lines, condensate pump, and low pressure feed suction lines. Special expansion joints a available for higher temperatures up to 350 F and 400 F in flue duct applications.


Sewage Treatment Plants:

UNAFLEX® rubber expansion joints are used in a variety of aeration lines, sludge pumps, grit pump line, and raw sewage lines for the freedom of corrosion with greater recovery from movement.


Commonly Provided to these Industries:

  • U.S. Navy
  • Shipbuilding
  • Industrial
  • Engineering and Construction
  • U.S. Air Force

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