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U-Lok 1100

Applications of the U-Lok 1100 include:

  • Diesel exhaust extraction where temperature permits. *not suitable for wet fumes
  • Highly corrosive fumes
  • Resists over 3,000 chemicals
  • High temperature where silicone is not permitted
  • Hot exhaust


Product code: 3UL1100
Material: Fiberglass/PTFE coated
Construction: Mechanical bond, corrosion resistant helix
Diameters: 3” to 24” I.D. Larger sizes available
Bend Radius = 1.5 X I.D.
Weight: 6” I.D. = .9 lbs/ft
Length: 25ft
Compression Ratio: 4:1
Temperature Range: -65°F to +500°F
Color: Grey

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