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STYLES 1000 / 1100

 Expansion Joints

     The Superflex 1000 provides double arch movements utilizing a single low profile wide arch. Manufactured utilizing tire industry technology the style 1000has been designed to provide greater strength and pressure capabilities. The construction combines woven polyester fabric and reinforced with wire to create a product with superior performance characteristics.

The wide self-flushing arch provides more movement than a traditional spool type joint. When built with a filled arch for smooth bore service, (such as slurry applications) the movements are the same as single open arch spool type joints. The double reinforced construction gives longer life expectancy and is also available in a full range of elastomers 
to enable multi-purpose applications

The primary difference between the Style 1000 and Style 1100 is in the manufacturing process.

The 1000 is hand-wrapped to allow for design variations including offsets, non-standard face to face dimensions, multi-arch configurations and special flanges or drillings while still offering wide arch movement.

The Style 1000 is available in these Elastomers and Constructions:
  • Clorobutyl
  • EPDM
  • Gum
  • Hypalon
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile
  • SBR
  • Silicone
  • Viton® Flourel®
  • Multi-Arch
  • Offset
  • Special ends
  • Alternative drilling


Optional liners and covers are available

 Expansion Joints

     Unaflex's® 1100 series has been designed to compete with the imports in terms of cost, and out perform the imports with a product that's made in America. The movements and benefits match the Style 1000 (above), if you don't need the customization options of the Style 1000.....the Style 1100 is a value packed expansion joint.

The cover has been formulated with an ozone and temperature resistant compound which prevents the Style 1100 from cracking unlike the imports. This new manufacturing technology has provided a product that has excellent performance at competitive price.

Due to the molded construction all face to face dimensions are standard. Engineered to withstand full vacuum and high pressure, (see next page). The Style 1100 is an excellent performer with a super price. Specify Superflex!

     Unaflex® Style 1100 expansion joints offer and exceptional value by combining the best features of spool type joints with a competitive price. Available in many different elastomers.

The heavy-weight tube & carcass are designed to handle tough applications where chemicals and abrasives are a factor.

     This drawing shows the 1100 Style construction. A wide self flushing arch allows greater movement and flexibility.
Available in sizes from 2" to 36". See next page for dimensions and movement details.
Optional liners and covers are available.

 SUPERFLEX STYLE 1000 & 1100
Expansion Joints


   We do not use marginal constructions which reduce safety factors and cause pressure reductions with slight operating pressure increases. All SUPERFLEX Expansion Joints have a minimum 4 to 1 safety factor at rated operating temperatures and pressures

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