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Crosses, Tees and Special Products

UNAFLEX® “RADI-FLEX” crosses and tees and be used on most expansion joints. UNAFLEX® can custom manufacture these crosses and tees to your specifications with the added features of elbow joints. Hosexpress’s reliable sales team is currently available to take your customized order and make it ready for delivery as promptly as possible.

Special Products include:

  • Pinch valve bodies
  • Suction box hose for Papermills
  • Pipe clamp sleeves
  • Acid hose connectors
  • Wellpoint sleeves
  • Rubber tubing
  • Pre-formed hose
  • Vacuum sleeve connectors
  • Slurry connectors
  • Exhaust connectors
  • Food handling connectors
  • Dredge sleeves
  • Endless belts for use on equipment

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