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U-Lok 4700

Part Number: 3UL4700
Welding exhaust high temperature fume extraction.


Features and Benefits

Welding exhaust high temperature fume extraction. This 2-ply heavy duty duct provides high temperature service and extra durability.

High temperature exhaust in hot environments
Ideal for removal of welding fumes
Very flexible, ideal for difficult installs
Outer aluminized fiberglass deflects heat
*not recommended for contact with sparks or slag


Product code: 3UL4700
Material: Inner skin: Silicone coated fiberglass
Outer skin: Tri-laminate fiberglass coated with aluminized polyester/polyamid
Available with stainless steel helix
Construction: Mechanical bond, corrosion resistant helix.
Diameters: 4” to 24” I.D.
Bend Radius = 1.5 X I.D.
Weight: 6” I.D. = 1.34 lbs/ft
Length: 25ft
Compression Ratio: 4:1
Temperature Range: -20°F to +600°F
Color: Metallic Silver


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