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Push-On Hose Fittings

Hosexpress distributes Fosters Push-on hose and fittings that are ideal for pneumatic tools and lubricating oils, and diesel fuels. These push on fittings do not require hose clamps, the hose grips barb through distortion of braid and forms a leak proof grip. The push on hose is constructed from synthetic rubber tube, fiber braid reinforcement and synthetic rubber cover that are resistant to abrasions, oil, and mildew.

Specifications include:

  • I.D. x O.D: ¼ in x 9/16 in-1/2 in x 13/16in
  • Working pressure to 300PSIG
  • Fittings made from brass
  • Burst pressure: 1200 PSIG
  • Push-on s do not require  hose clamps

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