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Multi-purpose PTFE expansion joints


  • UNALON Styles 112A, 113A and 115A solid PTFE molded expansion joints were developed to withstand higher pressures and temperatures
  • This type of expansion joint has been used with highly corrosive medias, with glass or plastic piping or in heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications where space is a premium.
  • They are lightweight and corrosion resistant and available in sizes 1in to 12in Nominal diameter and for temperature ratings from -300F to +400F
  • The design allows a shorter face-to-face dimension, making them ideal for use where space is limited.
  • Expansion joints manufactured of Fluoroplastic is another type of expansion joint available

Performance characteristics include:

  • Chemical Resistance-
  • Vibration absorption ( Great for HVAC applications)
  • Temperature limits to 450 F

Additional construction details:

  • Flanges- The flanges are normally manufactured of ductile iron, coated or plated with a rust inhibiting paint. Flanges of other materials are available upon request.
  • Body- The body of the Fluoroplastic connectors are manufactured of 100% FEP, PTFE or PFA Fluoroplastic, which may be colored or opaque
  • Control Rods- all connectors are supplied with factory set control rods. The control rods are set to prevent over-extension during operation
  • Reinforcing Rings- Metal reinforcing rings of stainless steel, Monel or other metals may be used to add strength between the convolutions.
  • Liners- internal sleeves are available for abrasive or high velocity flow rate applications.

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