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Signal Mounts / L-Mounts

Aluminum die cast signal mounts or pole plates are commonly used for traffic signal lights, large cantilevered street signs, and other various equipment.  The radius of the standard signal mount accommodates a large range of pole diameters.  L-Mounts provide a solid anchor for signs mounted at right angles to the pole.

Signal Mounts:

  • Narrow back signal mount can be used on small diameter poles or for mounting on poleswith flat surfaces.
  • Attach to a pole with ¾” ULTRA-LOK®, BAND-FAST®, or BAND-IT® BAND
  • Radius of standard signal mount accomates a large range of pole diameters


  • Right angle Brack-It, 0.070” thick stainless steel
  • Two bolt holes suitable for 5/16” or ¼” bolts
  • Does not include bolts
  • Solid anchor for signs mounted at right angle
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