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FloppyGuard is Hose Master's line of floppy-interlocked metal hose. Constructed from a variety of alloys, this product offers superior flexibility and crush-resistant construction. Used in a wide range of applications, including casing or armor for small diameter hose and electrical cable, FloppyGuard is available in sizes from 3/16" I.D. and up, and can be covered with PVC or flouropolymer coatings for liquid-tight or chemically-resistant service. All FloppyGuard is ultrasonically cleaned prior to packaging. Because of Hose Master's ability to design and make its own tooling, Hose Master can custom design FloppyGuard to meet your exact specifications. Please contact Hose Master's Customer Service Department with your specific requirements.

Interlocked Design (SB)


FloppyGuard SQ is Hose Master's line of squarelocked stripwound hose. It can be used in a wide variety of applications where fully interlocked construction is not required. It is excellent for use as shielding on electrical wiring and fiberoptic cable. FloppyGuard SQ is available in sizes ranging from 1/8" to 5/8" I.D., and can be covered with PVC or fluoropolymer coatings for liquid-tight or chemically-resistant service.

Squarelocked Design (SQ)

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