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Safety Couplings

HoseXpress offers safety couplings and related accessories for high temperature and high pressure applications. Safety fittings and couplings are designed to protect critical parts from impact and withstand rugged use. Choose from a variety of sizes and materials such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel to suit your project. Dixon has developed a pull ring safety clip that simplifies the locking action on Boss-Lock couplers, which will give you a low profile positive locking action. The Boss-Lock cam and groove also contains a unique safety feature. The Boss-Lock has cast-in lugs which allow safety clips to be attached once the lugs have passed through the slots in the special cam lever arms which will prevent the coupler from being unlocked until they are removed.
Safety coupling types:

  • Type B: Female coupler x male NPT
  • Type C: Female coupler x hose shank
  • Type D: Female coupler x female NPT
  • Type DC*: Dust cap


  • Has no sliding pins to pop open
  • No sliding pins to jam
  • Extremely easy to open
  • Will alert you if it is not properly engaged

Industries Serviced include:

  • Water transport
  • Construction
  • Dry bulk
  • Waste/vacuum trucks
  • Food
  • Chemical movement and storage

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