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U-Lok 4700

Welding exhaust high temperature fume extraction. This 2-ply heavy duty duct provides high temperature service and extra durability.


  • Material Inner skin: Silicone coated fiberglass
  • Outer Skin: Tri-laminate-fiberglass, aluminized polyester/polyamide Available with stainless steel helix.
  • Construction Mechanical bond, corrosion resistant helix
  • Diameters 4” to 24”
  • Bend Radius 1.5” x 1.D.
  • Lengths 25ft
  • Weight 6” I.D. = 1.34lbs/ft
  • Temperature range -20°F to 600°F
  • Compression ratio 4:1
  • Color Metallic silver


  • High temperature exhaust in hot environments
  • Welding fume control
  • Ideal for removal of welding fumes
  • Very flexible, ideal for difficult installs
  • Outer aluminized fiberglass deflects heat

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