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Boss Coupling System

Hosexpress is a proud distributor of Dixon steam fittings known as a boss Coupling Systems. These steam fittings are ideal for all-purpose hose couplings and universally recommended for steam hose connections.  Steam fittings are commonly used for fluid petroleum, air, water, chemicals and liquid petroleum gas up to 1inch in diameter. These Boss couplings are applied to many types of plastic, synthetic, rubber and metallic or semi-metallic hoses.

Specifications include:

  • Spud: ¼ in – 1in plated steel, 1 ¼ in-6 in plated iron
  • Wing nut: ¼ in – 1 in plated steel, 1 ¼ in-6 in plated iron
  • Stem: ¼ in- 1 in plated steel, 1 ¼ in- 4in plated iron, 6in tubular steel.

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