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This premium quality hose is non-conductive. It has a tough, durable cover that resists oils and other solvents. Its 4-spiral polyester yarn reinforcement provides added strength and flexibility even in the most extreme conditions. Goldenair provides a constant working pressure to 350 psi in 3/4" size and is kink resistant. Goldenair is an excellent general purpose hose for air, petroleum products and nitrogen service. Designed for the harsh conditions found in steel mills, shipyards, foundries, auto plants and construction sites, Goldenair resists weathering, ozone and abrasion.

Note: Not recommended for a variety of unleaded gasoline.

Goldenair Hose

Cover Color: Yellow

Oil Resistance: High

Construction: Non-conductive

Tube: NBR, RMA Class A

Cover: NBR/PVC RMA Class A

Reinforcement: Spiral polyester yarn

Temperature Range: -20°F to +180°F

-29°C to +82°C

Packaging: Reels

Product Number

Nominal I.D. (inches) (mm)

Nominal O.D. (inches) (mm)

Working Pressure (psi) (Mpa)

Min. Bend Radius (inches) (mm)

Weight (lb/ft) (Kg/m)

00447312600 00447316400


19.05 25.40

1.15 1.43

29.21 36.20

350 300

2.41 2.07

4.50 7.00

114.30 177.80

0.38 0.61

0.57 0.91


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