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TMH SS or Monel PTFE Smooth Bore Chemical Transfer Hose

Through Hosexpress you can receive TMH Stainless steel or Monel PTFE smooth bore chemical transfer hose that is designed for severe service applications where media containment and leak prevention is imperative. The TMH Monel is designed for services where both internal and external corrosion are a concern, and where applications place stainless steel at risk for stress cracking. These hoses are constructed of a rugged and flexible metal carcass with a smooth, heavy wall PTFE liner.

Specifications include:

  • Temperature: -20F to 350F
  • Inner core: smooth PTFE
  • Reinforcement: 316 stainless steel metal hose with 304 wire braid or Monel 400 metal hose with Monel wire braid
  • Flared thru design eliminates metal corrosion and process containment

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