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Sign Mounting Brack-Its / Mini-Brack-Its

Hosexpress offers Band-it Sign mounting Brack-Its that are used to mount traffic signs securely with Band-It Band and Buckles, Valustrap, Valustrap Plus or Free-End clamps.  These Brack-its are reinforced with specially designed ribbing for extra strength to withstand stress and wind vibrations for all of your municipal and signal application needs.

Perks of sign mounting brack-its/ mini-brack-its include:

  • Speedy installation
  • Highest tensile strength 201 stainless steel
  • Conforms to any shape with ease
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • BAND-FAST ® precut lengths
  • UV resistant
  • Stainless steel Brack-Its are ideal for round or square poles
  • Easy application
  • ULTRA-LOK® system combines features of BAND-FAST® with ease of the ULTRA-LOK® power tool
  • Available in COLOR-IT® coatings to match poles
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