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Air Tools for Band-It Jr. Clamps

Hosexpress has automatic air tools, standard air tools that are designed to be used for Band-It Jr. Clamps. The automatic air tool is used for high volume production clamping of all widths and sizes of Band-It Jr. smooth I.D. and preformed clamps. The standard air tool is a foot controlled standard economy air tool that applies the complete range of Band-It Jr. smooth I.D as well as preformed clamps.

Specifications include:

  • High volume production clamping of all widths and diameter sizes
  • Automatically tensions and cuts off clamp tail after locking
  • Requires 100-125 PSI line pressure
  • Bench mounted  with foot pedal operation
  • Width: 17” (431.8mm)
  • Height: 18” (46939mm)
  • Depth:21” (596.9mm)
  • Weight: 135LBS

Use with:

  • Band-It Jr. Smooth I.D.
  • Band–It Jr. Preformed clamps
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