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As hose clamps constitute an important aspect of the safety features of hoses used in industrial and manufacturing environments, it is necessary to use only the best and most reliable. Hose clamps function to clamp hoses in such a way that they are held in position away from dangerous materials or high traffic areas (where they could be a trip hazard).

Caring for hoses is crucial, especially in industrial environments. Often in such settings hoses are used to transport pressurized air or water or even dangerous chemicals and as such it is highly important to maintain the hoses in excellent working condition. Storage is an important aspect of protecting hoses but hose clamps can also be very helpful. Because hose clamps allow you to strictly control the position of hoses, you can ensure that they are kept away from damaging situations. More than a safety issue, protecting your hoses can even save you the cost of frequently replacing them when they become useless. The type of finishing for a clamp can also play a big role inn how helpful they are. Metal hose clamps provide a higher compression allowing the metal clamp to hold on tighter. Plus, many tools that utilize pressurized or hydraulic hoses in order to derive power will only function effectively if the hoses are not kinked or punctured.

Avoiding unnecessary damage to hoses can partially be accomplished by investing in a sturdy and versatile hose clamp. Some of the finest hose clamps available for purchase today are manufactured by Band-It. Hose clamps by Band-It are available at HoseXpress.com because they are reliable and easy to use.

If you’re looking for a particular type of hose clamp or you’re not exactly sure what you’ll need, our staff at HoseXpress.com is here to help. Call us toll free at (866) 366-7604 for more information on our impressive selection of hose clamps.

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