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PVC General Purpose Suction and Transfer Hose

Hosexpress offers the highest quality PVC general purpose suction and transfer hose and ducting products available to the industries today. Superior chemical resistance and versatility with improved puncture, moisture and tear resistance make these products ideal for the working environments. With wider temperature ranges and outstanding flex fatigue resistance, why wouldn’t you purchase this comprehensive hose? 

Benefits of these hoses include:

  • Flex fatigue resistance
  • Wider temperature range
  • Best looking product to sell
  • Wearstrip capabilities
  • Better UV, moisture and weathering resistance
  • Versatility
  • Wider temperature range
  • Air tight
  • Chemical resistant

Industries commonly used for include:

  • Oil and gas industry: vapor extraction
  • Sewer and waste industry: dust removal, air duct cleaning, street sweepers, suction equipment
  • General manufacturing: glass extraction, glass wool extraction
  • Textile industry: equipment hoses
  • Plastic industry: granules transport, air ducting, granule suction
  • Pharmaceutical and food industries: FDA approved conveying of drugs, food (Food Grade)
  • Chemical industry: delivery of chemicals, air ducting, chemical suction

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