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Band-It Ties, Buckles, Cable Tie Tensioner

Hosexpress provides Band-It Ties which are made from high strength, corrosion resistant 200/300 stainless steel coated with Nylon 11. The Band-It Ties have a unique buckle design that provides quick, easy application and can easily be unfastened for reuse. The Tie Buckles are available in coated or uncoated, and are ideal for reusable bands. . Hosexpress also offers a Cable Tie Tensioner to use for any Band-It Ties or Mulit-Lok Ties. The Cable Tie Tensioner is a hand tool making it perfect for on the go purposes.

Specifications include:

  • Band-IT Ties are available in a wide combination of materials, colors, lengths, and widths
  • Cable Tie tensioner: hand tool for tensioning Band-IT ties and Multi-Lok Ties
  • Band-IT Ties: 200/300stainless steel coated with Nylon 11
  • Band-IT Buckles are used to create reusable ties of any length

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