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Ball-Lok Ties and Tools

Ball-Lok Ties are lightweight, stainless steel ties which can be applied with the portable Ball-Lok Tool available through Hosexpress. The Ball-Lok ties are manufactured from 316 and 304 stainless steel and have a self-locking operation for a speedy application. Theses Ball-Lok Ties are available in two widths, 4.6mm and 7.9mm and both widths can either come coated or uncoated. Our 316 stainless steel Ball-Lok ties are available with Nylon 11 coating and Smooth ID. Hosexpress also offers a Ball-Lok Tool which can apply Ball-Lok ties as well as Self-Lok stainless steel ties easily and quickly with this portable tool. The Ball-Lok Tool features adjustable tension, side loading and automatic tail cut-off.

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