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Industrial & Commercial Hoses for Sale

Industrial & Commercial Hose Types Available

Hosexpress offers industrial and commercial grade hoses for many applications.  Hydraulic hose, rubber suction & discharge, PVC for food grade, material handling and suction & transfer, premium PVC tubing, cutters and accessories, clear, braided, spiral reinforced vinyl tubing for all applications.  Multi-purpose air and water hose, non-toxic air breathing hose, food grade, blower & material handling application, general purpose suction & transfer and more.

Featured Hose Product: Thermoid Industrial Hoses For Sale

Thermoid Industrial hoses are the most dependable industrial hoses for virtually any industry or application. We carry a long list of Thermoid Industrial Hoses for the oil industry, welding industry, and materials handling industry. Learn more about our Industrial Thermoid hoses here.

Please call our sales team if you have any questions or need a suggestion for the best hose for your application.

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