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Stripwound Metal

stripwound metal hose
Stripwound metal hose, although not gas tight, is rugged, making it excellent for use as a guard, an open-ended exhaust hose, and for the transfer of dry bulk materials.


Interflex is a high-quality, general-purpose, roughbore interlocked metal hose, formed from a single metal strip. Hose Master's balanced interlocking process provides maximum flexibility and the longest service life.


Interflex .030 is Hose Master's general purpose interlocked metal hose which is used to convey air, exhaust, and a variety of solid materials. It is constructed from a single strip of metal that is profiled and locked onto itself. The interlocked sections of strip are able to slide back and forth, thus providing the ability to flex.


Flow-Tite assemblies feature a patented fitting system designed for leak resistance and smooth product flow. The fittings are internally expanded to provide an extremely smooth transition from the hose to the fitting, and incorporate an internal silicone sealing for leak free positive pressure or vacuum service.


Tar and Asphalt is a sturdy, leak resistant, flexible interlocked metal hose used for the transfer of high temperature viscous fluids. Tar and Asphalt hose is constructed from a high grade, heavy gauge galvanized steel with Hose Master's proprietary packing. Tar and Asphalt hose ensures maximum suction and is design tested to 100 psi.


Ultraflex is a smoothbore metal hose ideally suited for dry bulk pneumatic conveyance. This hose is produced with a durable armor and a highly abrasion-resistant liner. Hose Master's precision manufacturing process makes Ultraflex unequaled in strength and flexibility.


FloppyGuard is Hose Master's line of floppy-interlocked metal hose. Constructed from a variety of alloys, this product offers superior flexibility and crush-resistant construction. Used in a wide range of applications, including casing or armor for small diameter hose and electrical cable, FloppyGuard is available in sizes from 3/16" I.D. and up, and can be covered with PVC or flouropolymer coatings for liquid-tight or chemically-resistant service. All FloppyGuard is ultrasonically cleaned prior to packaging. Because of Hose Master's ability to design and make its own tooling, Hose Master can custom design FloppyGuard to meet your exact specifications.


T-Rex Hose Master Inc. revolutionizes the metal hose industry with T-Rex - the first torque-resistant stripwound metal hose with enhanced sealability.

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