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Heavy Duty Vacuum

Part Number: TPUVAC
Heavy Duty Urethane Vacuum Hose


Features and Benefits

All extruded construction, light weight alternative to cumbersome rubber hose. Designed specifically for transfer of abrasive materials under vacuum.

Storage tanks barges and tankers including underwater applications in aquaculture; hatchery, pen transfer, stream release, dewatering.


Product code: 9SFTPUX__FV
Material: Extruded polyurethane rigid PVC helix wall.
Diameters: 4” to 14”
Weight: 6” diam.=2.5 lbs./ft
Lengths: 50 ft lengths
Temperature range: -50°F to +200°F
Color: Extruded Transparent Blue TPU
Rated for full vacuum
Available with copper static wire.

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