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Electric Hose Reels

Damaged, leaking hoses can pose a serious danger, especially in industrial and manufacturing settings. For the most part, damage to hoses is the result of improper care and storage and this kind of damage is entirely avoidable. Moreover, hoses can pose a danger in the workplace if they are left lying around when they’re not being used because they are a trip hazard. For these reasons, many companies are aware of the importance of properly storing their hoses for reducing workplace injury and increasing the longevity of hoses.

Nonetheless, storing hoses can be challenging to say the least and workers are often not motivated to store a hose that they know they’ll need to use again shortly. As such, the usefulness of the hose reel is inarguable. Hoses can be quickly and easily coiled so they can be stored safely between periods of use. Electric hose reels are an especially convenient tool as they will retract hoses automatically so that workers can use their time more effectively.

One of the best electric hose reels available at HoseXpress.com (and across the entire hose reel industry) is the Series 1125. Also known as The Competitor this hose reel is manufactured by the respected company Coxreels. This electric hose reel features a power rewind function that makes storing hoses neatly as easy as ever. Constructed from the finest grade steel and featuring an open drum slot, the Series 1125 is especially useful for storing long, heavy-duty hoses.

With our extensive selection of hose reels and our knowledgeable staff, there is no other supplier of hose reels better equipped to fulfill your hose reel needs as HoseXpress.com.

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