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Foster Quick Connect Air Couplings & Fittings

Foster quick connect air couplings & fittings are used in the U.S. government and many industrial applications. Hosexpress offers Foster Manufacturing fittings, quick disconnects/couplers, and related accessories for use of gasses and liquids in various industries. The most common applications for quick connect air couplings are for compressed air, hydraulic oil, and water.

Foster Quick Connect Couplings Applications:

  • Industrial
  • Shipbuilding
  • Engineering
  • Public Utilities
  • Construction
  • Many more


 We offer Foster one way shut-off quick disconnect couplings in 1/8 to ¾ sizes. For these couplings, only the socket has valving to stop the flow when detached, so it is installed on the pressure side of the line. The plug has no valving and exhausts the downstream line at disconnect.

The two-way shut off quick disconnect includes valving in both the socket and the plug, which stops the flow at both of the disconnected ends. Hosexpress offers ISO A, FHK, FF, and FH Series two-way shut off quick disconnects.

Foster FH and FST Series straight thru quick disconnects do not have valving in either the socket or the plug. Therefore, both ends of the line are exhausted at disconnect.

FJT Series mold/die coolant couplers are designed to connect coolant lines to plastic molds and die casting dies. They can be threaded directly into the mold coolant ports or lowered into the mold for an even surface during storage.

Hosexpress offers a complete line of Foster recoil hoses as well as the fittings, compressed air blow guns, and accessories that go along with them. Contact us today to learn more about our quick connect & quick disconnect air couplings & fittings.

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