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Valu-Strap & Bantam Tools

Valu-Straps are used for light duty strapping for jobs such as cable-bundling, mounting small signs or street decorations, or for applying energy saving insulation around pipes or tanks. Valu-Strip are also used for medium duty strapping to mount traffic signs, commercial signs, holiday decorations and for other purposes where extra strength is needed.

We also offer The Bantam Tools are designed for use in light duty banding applications such as insulation, cable bundling and sign handing. With the unique 3-way handle. The Bantam Tool can be used in the pistol grip position for one-handed tensioning, or in the other positions for two-handed tensioning. It is especially useful in tight areas with minimal access such as in cable bundling aboard ships. The Bantam Tool is compact, lightweight ratchet action tool with a built-in cutter. It has been designed for easy loading and removing of material, and is zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Tension release levers have been incorporated into the tool design for situations requiring repositioning of the band after tensioning has begun.

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