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Band-It Jr

As Industrial hose made of stiffer, thinner, thermoplastics replace soft, spongy, thick-walled rubber, a new generation of hose clamps has been developed to prevent leak problems. The BAND-IT Jr. Smooth I.D. Clamp is manufactured in a wide variety of widths, sizes and materials that provide a uniform, gap-free, inside diameter with the same strong holding power of the standard BAND-IT Jr. clamp.

The BAND-IT Jr. Preformed clamp is vibration resistant and requires no hammering or crimping. It is automatically locked in one simple lever movement. BAND-IT Jr. Preformed clamps are available in Type 201 and galvanized carbon steel in five different widths. Other materials available on special order.

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  1. Smooth ID

    Smooth ID
    Price From: $112.90

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  2. #J05069 - Junior  Heavy Duty Adaptor

    #J05069 - Junior Heavy Duty Adaptor

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  3. Junior Adaptor

    Junior Adaptor

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  1. #C00269 - Junior Hand Tool

    #C00269 - Junior Hand Tool

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  2. #J07599 - Thriftool, 10 Pack

    #J07599 - Thriftool, 10 Pack

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  3. # C00169 - BAND-IT Tool

    # C00169 - BAND-IT Tool

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  1. #S35099 - Automatic Air Tool

    #S35099 - Automatic Air Tool

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  2. #S75099 - Standard Air Tool

    #S75099 - Standard Air Tool

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